Thursday, December 13, 2007

Keeping a sense of humor

A good day being when you learn something new.....
On Monday I learned what happens when you release the pressure valve on the hot water heater. Actually I also learned that the pressure valve is not the same thing as the water switch (the one I was meant to turn off ). Plus I learned that once released it doesn't go back. As a bathtub of hot water started spraying all over the room. OOPS.

Yesterday as I was skate skiing (rather badly) I skied by a woman on adaptive ski's. She called out to me and then gave me a lesson on using my poles forward of my body. She told me what to do explaining that she couldn't do it as she was paralysed from the ribs down but I needed to use my core and throw my body forward. It was really humbling and encouraging... I thought well I better bloody try... right!

Taking that stop making excuses when you are able attitude. I decided today was the day I would learn to tumble turn in the pool. ( yeah yeah... Brian and I are probably the only 2 professional triathletes on earth who still can't/don't do this) I have to admit I'm motivated to learn on the sly ( my one immature opportunity to be better than Brian at something). It made the swim fun as without much rhyme or reason I tumbled turned sometimes facing the right direction, sometimes not, and mostly missing the wall... but It got easier. I think in a week or so I may get it.



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