Monday, December 10, 2007

skis, skating, snowshoes, snow sub zero and all things white

Our run of sub par snow pack ended in a bang last week as we where treated to the perfect storm. According to the weather guy, a warm front from the south met cooler air from the North and created conditions not seen in his 14 years of weather reporting. We where hammered on....
On Friday after one look at our driveway I pulled out the ski's and skied over to the gym to work. This was a super blast... was 10 minutes late but didn't really feel too worried as I was having way too much fun. As it turned out 3 clients cancelled anyway, so I proceeded to ski my way home, run into Brian- go to his work and ski home some more.
Sadly the snow plows ruined our fun once they got to work on clearing up the roads.
Since then we've mostly been holding on to our sense of humor while the roof had to be shovelled as the heat stopped for lack of recycling air, the hot water heater sprung a leak, we've twice been pushed out of the driveway getting stuck, one car got a flat tire, the other's doors froze while snowshoeing yesterday, our computer is still in the shop after 12 days as they too are overwhelmed with business, but its an adventure for sure, today we have another winter weather advisory for the next 24 hours.... wonder what this will bring.
The good thing... the snow is amazing! and the skiing incredible. Hartman's has been groomed into Nordic skiers paradise and its only 3 miles from the house. Yesterday I proudly snowshoe ran the big 16 k loop - Was neither fast nor pretty but as 2 years ago I had issues snowshoe running 10 minutes. I was so psyched. not to be outdone by me, Brian went out after work and ran the big loop plus a couple of others half an hour faster in the dark. he's a freak!

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