Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gunnison Nordic, Night skiing and Stepping out at Colorado Fitness

The Skiing is so good I'm almost loathe to advertise it.

A huge thank you goes out to the Gunnison Nordic club http://www.gunnisonnordic.net/ especially Mike Cole, Dave MO and Jesse Crandall who are doing the majority of the Grooming out there, bringing free skiing to the people and loads of it.

The other day skate skiing at Hartman's Rocks we stumbled on oh .... another 3 miles or so of new groomed track off to the right by Hogs back rocks. Unreal.... I wish I could express the joy of a new corduroy surprise in your favorite place. It nearly negated the fact that the skate skiing at the time was ridiculously hard, being mostly uphill . I first ran into Holly Rickett who with the biggest grin exclaimed... This is the best skiing in Colorado -right here. Then a little later saw my friends Gale and Greg who said... didn't know it was you Jenny, herringbone- ing along Hogsback. (Yeah yeah Gale just loves that she can Ski).

Brian's schedule has been 7-3 lately which doesn't leave him too much daylight to train in but has introduced me into one of his favorite Worlds - Night skiing. Its opened a whole new World to me and I'm getting hooked. Along with the obvious advantage of having a training partner, its also meaning a more relaxed approach to the time as its usually too cold to get out in the am and the evening is warm enough. Then there is the silent beauty of the trails and its amazing. So that's what we did last night on Xmas. Skied till 7.30, came home and ate leftovers with Brian's parents while watching Rocky 4 and 5 on Versus. (low stress in the Smith household).

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