Monday, January 21, 2008

He's Back

.... and we thought perhaps he was just taking a break?
Despite a pair of 26er wheels still in our spare room it seems that 08 is going to be the year of the 29er for one If you have a few minutes and want to be carried out of winter to catch up on some good racing/ alot of racing/ did someone say race/ wheres the race....(actually Cabin and Max-well dog seem to have a common trait... did someone say car ride?) Kiwi style click the link to Mark Leishmans new site.


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hey brian and jenny, whats up? its israeli H! i have been reading your blog, and for me, a winter like yours looks like living hell. you seem to enjoy this kind of weather. you are invited to my own blog:
hope you'll like it. you can comment, too. see you in 2 months... jenny, good luck in the cape epic!!