Thursday, January 3, 2008

B'man Blogs

Another day in our frozen paradise we like to call Gunrock. Jenny and I awoke at 6 am to find the heat out and our livingroom was 48. After work the car wouldn't start at my work after a night of arctic cold. I had to get it jumped. When I returned home it was 46 and I had to ride the trainer with a long sleeve, booties and long finger gloves! I went to work at 1 and found out we are losing an employee at my work. By 5 pm I had a very positive phone conversation with a potential sponsor for Jenny and I for 2008. So the day wasn't all lost. Got the car running after a jump, the heat is back on in our cabin and it's above 0 outside. Life is good. Get out there and enjoy the winter whatever the temperature may be. Happy Holidays.


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