Wednesday, January 16, 2008

08 so far....

Wow. 08 is flying along.
Brian has big plans for this winter and they are coming up fast and furious.
He wanted to get into Randonee racing Uphill downhill skiing. The mountain bike cross country version of ski racing. It seems to be taylor made to his set of skills. With his alpine and tele racing background and his liking to go uphill and suffer what could be more suited?
Getting the gear together has been a 6 month project. Thanks heaps to Pete Swenson, Traab skis, Mona Merrill, Rock and Roll sports and Dave MO, Dynafit skis, Mike Kaz and Leki poles, Team Salomon Crested Butte ( Wick, Sully, Jon and Jari). Without all your help none of the equipment would be possible.
I shall bite my tongue over the cost of it all... lets just say it was a little more than the proposed investment.

But my blue fit over cost aside.... the first events are this weekend in Snow mass and Sunlight/ Glenwood springs and Brian is psyched.

From there Brian moves into winter tri racing with hopefully 4 events on his calender.
the Durango winter tri next weekend.
the US and Pan American championships in Bend, Oregon Feb 9.
The World Winter Tri Championships (somewhere in Germany.... on Feb 23rd).
and the Xterra Winter World Championships Multi sport festival in Ogden, Utah on March 8.

As for me.
Things are really great.
I have been personal training quite a few clients. I am running a Jan special at Colorado Fitness. I wanted to increase my client base and provide a way for people to be motivated during the 'oh so tropical month of Jan' Everyone is very different and I love the stimulation of working with my clients.
Its Challenging too as I find myself living in 2 worlds. With my cycling and triathlon and my personal training and I really enjoy them both. That's life for us all right... balancing our work, personal lives, passions and commitments. So its keeping me busy.

Along with work I've been planning my year of racing.

I am going to Australia on Jan 31st for 3 1/2 weeks to visit my sister and train. Yeah... am very excited to spend some time with Rachael my sis. ( plus the riding ain't so hot in Gunnison right now) so I am going to transition from the skis and snowshoes to the bike and running shoes. Thanks Brian, Brian's parents and air miles. Fingers crossed my whitey whitey body can handle the climate change. Theres always swimming, to cool off. I've been commited to swimming, and each time I get to the pool in -20 weather I think about how good its going to be to swim outside in Aus.
Ive signed up for a marathon MTB race down there called the Otway Odessey also on Feb the 23rd. Hopefully 3 weeks on the bike will prepare me enough to 'handle the event'.

more later.


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