Saturday, March 7, 2009

Karapoti classic MTB and Rees's Cow

Before I tell you about the Karapoti MTB event. I have to share my coffee I am drinking. Its the best thing ever! and not just because I am tired and sore from yesterday's race. Rees Buck has milk in the fridge from his cow in Wanganui. You can't buy unpasteurised milk (legally I believe) so to get around it, there are co-ops here where you buy shares in a cow and your milk is delivered once a week. Anyone who has been to NZ knows how good the dairy is here. So add home made milk to the mix. Its utter heaven!
If I knew how good it tasted I would have been following Cameron around and down to the dairy shed vat, when I was staying on his farm last week, much like James the pig!

Okay the Karapoti. this race is so cool, seriously would be a good one for any ones MTB to do list. Its a mix of he, she and everyone, and really hard to boot. This year it was raining. So not exciting for me as I fly home tomorrow and you know how un-appealing cleaning everything right after a mud MTB race is in time to get it up to flying standards. Add that it is located basically in a paddock, rain - not appealing.
The race starts on the edge of a river. FUN?? in waves but waves of 100 or so. The river this year was chest deep, except for one line across rocks only thigh deep! I didn't get that spot so my line was into the river, hoist my bike above my head/ while holding my position/ in bike shoes, and a current/ up to my chest.
Amazing I had a good start! Until 10 minutes in when I flatted, my front tire, in the bead, a faulty tube stem, a second change, used co2 and hand pumping later I got back in 10 minutes or so ... long off the back of the train.
OH well. was a great workout to say the least, so much muddy messy, leg burning climbing, bike wrecking fun. As a bonus I finished 3rd with a little NZ pocket money for lunch and dinner.
Now 1 more day in NZ. what to do?

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