Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nice togs

Thanks Swim Outlet. Speedo Grab bag womens togs. $29.. seemed a reliable bet, Know the sizing, they are only going to get wet and ruined by the pool anyway. Didn't exactly expect this $19 beauty!

I realised yesterday after swimming in Montrose pool ( the Gunnison pool is closed for several more weeks or so..) I have swum in 12 pools, in 11 towns , in 3 Countries in the past 7 weeks.

This weekend if I swim in Delta on Friday, Aspen on Saturday and Grand Junction on Sunday.. It'll be the start of a fun new game for the year!

Notable in this is that I'm yet to swim at home in Gunnison - Post Feb 1st .

1 comment:

thedurangokid said...

Brian...You must look pretty damn sexy in those hot pants!