Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pets and VIC Australia.

Bec, Gavin and I rode out of the trail and into this guy walking his goat.. Of course!

When you get to know my sister you soon learn, quickly that her pets are a huge part of her. When I was staying, she picked up James, a hand reared runt.. ooh James loves Cam, Cam owns his dairy farm and has an endless source of Milk, for James... Can't wait to see the 150lb pig in another couple of months. He's cute though and bright, and boy can he throw his toys out of the cot and squeal.

Cam, Rachael, Missy and JamesThe Ollie man.

While In Aussie, I got my butt kicked in a 100k MTB event. Hopefully it also kicked my butt into better shape. 100k was quite hard out of winter and a few weeks on the bike. Very steep hills! While we where in Apollo bay we went on along the ocean road to see the 12 Aposotles.

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