Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Like a bear with a sore tooth no toe

I broke a tooth last year and have known since then that its needed repairing with a crown. As I'm both scared of the dentist and wasn't keen on paying for such a thing I'd been putting it off. However looking at my next six months of travelling and racing I realised that I should do it now. I have a temp ( made out of the same stuff as nylon fingernails) tooth untill my real crown is made. Its been quite sore though and tomorrow I have to go back and get it remodelled.
Sore teeth make me 'fragile' but to add to the fun I moved a chair yesterday - (rearranging the lounge) while wearing Birkenstocks - and defrosting the freezer - in the half hour before meeting a client at the gym Why?? who knows... I managed in one clean sweep to stubb and lift up a good third of my big toenail. Oh my god... it huurrtt.... and I yelled. Max just looked at me from under the table.
In the rush of the big toe pain ... clarity came.... I should stick to doing one thing at a time.

So thats my Forest Gump mantra for the day. Life is like.... a box of chocolates best enjoyed one chocolate at a time. Or someting like that.


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Tomarra C. Muhlfeld said...

Ouch! Sounds a lot like one of my days.. I get real ambitious and try to do everything at once, usually with something bad happening to add to the mix! Hope you are feeling better!