Friday, April 13, 2007

These times they are a changing

It seems about time that I posted some pics on the Blog again and without a fresh image to share thought I'd post a swimming one for our motivation.

After several years of puddling around in the 'ool ( theres no P in ours) I'm realising that my improvement as a swimmer isn't going to happen by Osmosis.

The harsh truth was made sweeter today when our little group grew to include, not only Jari and Kate but also Brian, Sully and Jason. So here it is for the record perhaps the first real swimming workout I've done.

5 by 150's ( first 50 hard enough to induce drowning like response and last 100 moderate)followed by little or no recovery if you're me as I'm the slowest.
5 by 50 m's where Jari ( I love her!) helps me learn to pull with my back and shoulder instead of my forearm.
5 by 100m's on the 1 min 50. ( and I do them all under 1.40... rock on as this for me is an improvement)
A blissful cooldown. total time 1 hour 03... (thats two 1 hour barriers in a week!)

Now whats better than One pro cyclist making a fool of themselves around town?? Two pro cyclists! Brian joined me today for a set of single leg drills. In towns like Boulder these may be the norm on the roads but around these them parts???? Add that it was snowing and the scene had me grinning ear to ear. How fun to pay like a fool on expensive toys while calling it training. Now if you the reader questions the legitimacy of this workout. I challenge you to try it. One legged pedalling is hard Yakka!

Finally good luck to ... Sea otter people and NZ Xterra championship athletes.

Jenny and Brian

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