Friday, March 7, 2008

Hankies, Ogden and best wishes to Jamie

On the week of my birthday and a hard week of training ... my husband gave to me....
A Snot-ty nose and head cold. Damn it! and I thought I was getting through winter Scott free.
So I've been dosing up on all kinds of Zinc, vitC, echanacia, immunity pills, ( which have mainly managed to upset my stomach) and taken up headstands and the netti pot.
I took today off too, so fingers crossed that with a good nights sleep.
Meanwhile Brian is at the Xterra Winter Championship event in Ogden, Utah with Eric 'Sully'. Boys weekend OH BOY... Brian ran on the treadmill at the Holiday inn express last night and broke it ( apparantly not to many people crank it up to 12 miles an hour). Oops, he had to sheepishly report it to the front desk. Does this mean he's in good shape for tomorrows event?
Xterra phenom and all around great person Jamie Whitmore is having a rough time right now with a found tumor on her left pelvis. Click on the above link to send her your wishes for a smooth recovery.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Smith's,

I have some pics of Brian's big win (Assuming this is the blog of Brian who won XTERRA Winter Worlds).

Email me at alex at if you'd like me to email them your way.

All the best,

Alex McKinley
TriHive Magazine