Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trek/ VW training camp 08

Where are all the good riding pictures?
I was kept busy keeping on rolling.
However do check out , and for some good photos.

We really had a blast joining in with the training camp in Moab over the past few days. It was fantastic to see everyone again and to welcome some new faces. Joining the Rocky mtn team this year are deserved racers Josh Bezechney, Kelly Magley and Charlie Hayes. Watch the endurance scene for Charlie on his 69er single this year. Josh is a mainstay on the Colorado circuit and its great to have him on board. Kelly adds diversity w/ his 24 hour and endurance prowess and his dual life w/ filament productions making film and video. Yesterday the White rim w/Josh, tomorrow LA shooting a sunglasses commercial in Hollywood. Pretty neat life eh.

Higlights from camp for me included: 'Brian's excitement over dirt' (a buried commodity in Gunnison right now), the La Sal loop road ride... we usually ride dirt in Moab, and the La Sal loop was an awesome change of pace with amazing scenery. Seeing how strong everyone is looking for this year, and trying out some new equipment. I'm excited to have an 08 hard tail bike for the Cape Epic MTB race and am in the process of getting it set up and ready. My sponsor plug goes out to Shimano for great shoes.
I rate Shimano shoes very highly especially the Shimano MTB 225's for price point, durability, stiff to ride in, comfortable to walk in ( it is a bonus to be able to walk in Carbon shoes w/out risking your life and limb).


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