Saturday, March 1, 2008

Small details.

Well - a valve in the gas line under the house was leaking and is now replaced. Good thing. And the heater this time was a burned out ignition switch apparently fairly common. So we are all systems go again which is good as Brian has a rotton cold from his travels to Germany. Our furnace is actually only 2 years old, super efficent, rather loud and very finicky. Its hard to say if the problems we have faced with it this year are due to abnormal conditions ( cold and snow) or the original installation. It's frustrating as it is much less than reliable.

I came home to an invite to Saipan for an Xterra next weekend. Julie Dibens couldn't go and would I like her place. So tempting but I had to say no. Am I crazy? Saipan is a tropical paradise in the Pacific ocean and would be amazing. Next weekend is my birthday and it would be a neat place to spend it. Its a long flight away though and I have 'other fish to fry' so...

With thoughts of tropical paradise's I better warm up the car (its 0 degrees F) here right now and get myself to the pool. Western State's pool is Saline .... I'll pretend its the ocean.


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