Thursday, October 9, 2008


Brian is going Elk hunting on Friday. He's super excited. I think its a man thing. My vegetarian mother is appalled. She'd be more appalled at the Zip saw I purchased from in case he 'catches' an Elk.
Anyway.. the bikes are still in their cases in the car and after masters swim this evening I went shopping for huntin food. Brian was working. I was kinda hungry so don't know if I really bought practical hunting food, but I did spend $168 so hope there's something useful. If not we are going to be eating allot of beans rice and variations of for a while!
I then made a batch of super cookies ( and cooked up some Boulder sausage and rice for ... bean/rice/ sausage /veges burritos I'll make up tomorrow, Because I said I would..
Brian isn't really like the rest of us, for him this is perfect Xterra World championship preparation. relaxation. I wouldn't exactly say he's like a hunter either as how many do you know who ride their cyclocross bikes into camp and take running shoes with?
me.. The annual W mtn run is on Saturday. the house to myself and maxwell will be kinda nice. most likely I'll miss Brian, life is funny like that.

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