Monday, October 6, 2008

Lake Tahoe

Brian and I just got back from a great swim in Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe. It was so amazing the October sun setting swimming through the rocks just off shore. I really love swimming and we've done allot of it in the past few days. In fact every day that we've been in Incline Village. Memorable. Wednesday's swim as the wind picked up making waves. Paled in comparison to Saturdays swim w/ white caps and 3 foot swells. Today's swim was the best. Calm, blue, glass, into twilight...
Yesterdays swim... . XTERRA USA championships. 300 athletes, alot of adrenalin. Aggressive. Brian had a great swim and came out in 35th. I got man armed/ a goggle full of water/ and a 31 minute swim time. WTF... I want to swear as I am so frustrated at myself. B says a little frustration is good to fuel me. I hope so for the future.
The rest of the championship race was good for us both, good bike legs took me into 3rd and Brian into 8th. The fuels where awesome, the bike course was fast I think I rode 2 Min's quicker than last year ( will have to check ). Bran's great run carried him up to 6th overall. My run dropped me to a 5th place. I had to frantically run with everything I had to hold onto 5th, 10 secs out of 4th, 10 seconds ahead of 6th.
Both fields where super competitive: Internationally stacked and A pre- World championships The US series where awarded yesterday too. I finished the 2008 US series with a 3rd overall Brian was 4th overall.
During the race Brian had his best splits in the swim bike and run in Tahoe/Us nationals... this bodes well for Worlds. 4th was also his highest US series finish. NICE.

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jameson said...

congrats guys! I am a huge fan of both of you.

jen - thanks for pulling me up the first climb!

can't wait for maui! bring on the heat!