Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend before

Brian has been working at noon this weekend, so we've been braving the morning's and heading out at 9. Me cause I think its worth it to get the intensity of training w/ Brian, or maybe I'm just lazy and like drafting. It seems like one of those roles you slip into like who does the majority of the dishes or takes the token 'pull at the front' - that would be me. Out the door and I sit on Brian's wheel alternately appreciative, annoyed, angry or scared depending on whats going on.
Man: I'm excited for Maui and in that phase where I know its just one more week in the season. As I'm riding at Hartmans today.. I'm thinking how nice it would be to be hiking or trail running out there. I toyed with the off season and even sat on a rock for a bit! Mainly as I foofed up a rock on 'Josies' and then noticed my surroundings.. Its nice, its sunny, I should sit!
We seemed a bit dogged by bike issues today. Brian had seat issues, then when I was packing up my bike my rear derailleur broke. Oh well - not ideal but at least - it wasn't while riding and I have tomorrow to get sorted.

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Noel said...

Hi Jenny, you don't know me, but I'm a fellow Colorado cyclist and just wanted to wish you and Brian the best of luck this weekend! You two are awesome athletes and I love reading about your success.