Sunday, September 28, 2008

106 pirates and 2 rocket ships

I went to Boulder last week, was lucky to catch up with Tressa/ raid Ray's plums to make some plum sauce/ get spoiled w/ sports food and sponsor goodies from Zack and oh did I mention the bikes!

The 09 top fuels.
We debuted them for their virgin rides in the CB classic yesterday. The CB classic is a pirate 'race/ride' A soul ride 89 miles of 12000feet. We basically talked and goaded Kelly Magelky into teaming up w/ us and doing it solo too... as our 1st lap guy he could do double duty. At 11pm on Friday night an innocent comment... its marked isn't it? from Kelly. Um... actually its not marked... oh crap .. the best we could do... improvise directions...

Sat: 30 degrees F, 8am, 106 riders ...Kelly is a great sport, he rode 2 laps of an unmarked course and survived! In the meantime handed off to Brian and then me... Our team won the overall and the team race. But more importantly we had a great day out and:
HOLY COW.. I can't exclaim enough. Our new bikes!! They are incredible. I am nearly loathe to get used to riding it as the norm as it felt amazing. and I want a little to keep that feeling! I (almost.. just one creek crossing mess up)cleaned the Dyke trail.. for had me in disbelief what I was climbing and maintaining traction on. This bike is ridiculously exciting!Come find us at the XTERRA nationals next week in Tahoe and we'll let you see it for yourself. I'm am so excited to have this bike to race.. did I say its nearly half a pound lighter than my hardtail/ with the exact same components and the suspension is so smooth... How is this possible? who cares!

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Jarral Ryter said...

Is it a sin to covet your neighbor's bike? I think it is to covet the wife.... It sounds like you would hold on to the bike harder? They look sweet.

I had fun but got into big mud on Dyke trail and was very tired....doing it solo.... I put the maps up on my blog if you want them for the future!

Good luck in the next big races.