Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The power of suggestion

I filed for an extension on our taxes earlier this year. Have I mentioned this before... note to self... do em on time... time just makes it harder. Anyway its been project numero uno this week and am nearly seeing the light at the end of the receipt pile!

My motivation has been flagging a bit, I'm still tired from the past 3 weeks, today's run with LT intervals and then ride with LT intervals highlighted it too as I could only get my HR up to a sluggish 160... ( or maybe my time at 10 000ft just means the 7700 of home is easy on my body?!).

My ride was actually pretty funny, as I pulled out the single speed to ride. My thinking went along the lines of... 8 min hill repeats... I'll just crank the single up an appropriate grade and effort will take care of itself. What ended up happening though was me spinning in from Hartmans rocks. SLOWLY. so slowly. so painfully boring and under geared ( or is it over geared? too easy anyhow)
Sandi I wished you where in town today.. pull out the violin strings but I was craving company.

Anyway when the motivation flags sign up others and sign up to race. Its more fun that way. Less alone time. So tomorrow at 7 we are meeting for a group Blue mesa lake swim. Then on Friday we are driving over to Breckenridge for the fall classic circuit race and cross country race. Fun, friends, the rec center for swimming, Sushi and Thai, in a cool mountain town, an enjoyable way to train. Plus the D o double g is off to a vacation in the kennel for the weekend.. footloose and fancy free

Hopefully its a classic fall weekend and Breckenridge will be more mellow than it was 4th of July. Plus I have a little redemption to find for myself on the Classic ( aka firecracker 50) course. That one nearly broke me that day.


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