Thursday, September 11, 2008

25 degrees warmer and Silent Auction

We continued with our Thursday morning Lake swim's today. It seemed surreal to me as we've also started Master's at the college. Jon the instructer is really good and its worth the effort to make the 6.30 -8pm time slot. It means home at 8 to eat, sleep, alarm, coffee and swim again at 7am. I think I even dreamt swimming.
The air temp was a tad warmer this week than the 29 we where treated to last Thursday, but it was still 25 degrees warmer in the water than on the shore. I think today marked the last of the summer swimmers our group fo 5 is going to be whittled to 3 next week.

There is going to be a Silent Auction for Jamie Whitmore at Xterra National Championships in Tahoe next month. Many of you know that she is having some serious health problems. If you would like to make a product donation please email me. If you don't have my email leave your contact on a comment here and I will follow up.
Its really awesome, I think the Auction is going to gain alot of momentum and raise a good amount of money to help out. Plus be a great way for the athletes in Tahoe to buy some neat stuff. Jamie's coach Neal Henderson for example has donated a 3d bike fit and physiology test from Boulder Center for Sports medicine. Brian and I are donating custom Trek/VW ( can't be purchased anywhere else) Tri Suits. (And you know the mountain bikers out there all want a trisuit... its the anti baggie and pro Lycra fashion!!!!!) You can check up on Jamie through her website .

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