Monday, September 22, 2008

Fantastic weekend

Followed by a little frustration. An update to our Maui Flights in my inbox today, showed no return flight from Honolulu? Hmmm... So an hour and a half later I'm supposed to be satisfied with our agents will take care of it, right now the flight was cancelled. Great... Good thing I noticed?

Oh well... on w/ life for today eh.

Our weekend was amazing: Lenny and Tron ( Nick and Parker) came to stay, providing allot of amusement, riding and entertainment.
I got the end of my hard week training in: Masters Swim Fri night, running workout with the Western cross country team Saturday am, This shattered us and the ensuing pm Nick and Parker ride On Teocalli ridge was brutal!, if not beautiful..., Sunday am Bay of chickens Lake swim, and pm Hartmans MTB ride.
The best part is this week is my well deserved EZ week... Well Ann calls it EZ, in all honesty is more low volume and high intensity, and I'll take it.

Amid the training we all had some great dinner's, nice wine, and entertainment. The boy's entertainment included allot more beer and bar's....

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