Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cactus Eaters and Green espresso

I spent the whole day at home yesterday: I cannot remember the last time I did that. It was great, I cleaned up/and then read a book untill 11pm at night. The book was the Cactus eaters by Dan White. About walking the Pacific Crest trail between Mexico and BC Canada. It was a neat read.

It fed my yearning for adventure. I mean the places/people/experiences are really the reason I live my life. You think about some of the silly/annoying/bizarre/difficult things that happen and thats what is memorable.

Like for me: the time I decided to sleep in the van in the Mesquite parking lot outside a Casino in 95 degree weather.. it was free...travelling in style: when I had to go to the bathroom at 5am... drove to the side door, Pj's and early am gamblers!

Or the time I contracted the Duck Virus from swimming in Lake Mission Veijo and racing in Idyllwild with 100 itchy welts spreading all over my body/ with the flies on the brutal hike a bike there: I won /looked like a creature from the deep/was so itchy I couldn't stand even walking for 2 days/couldn't take the steriod medicine due to the Xterra the following week/misery, and of course look back w/ good memories.

I also bid and won an espresso machine on Ebay yesterday. My excitement is tempered only as Brian doesn't know... yet... Wonder if I can sneak it into the house? or maybe pose it as a birthday present for him?

Back to work and training today: Get the girl out of the house! (before I buy anything else!!)

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