Monday, October 15, 2007

$98 later

Remind me not to supermarket shop after swimming. A quick stop for t- paper and yoghurt turned into a full blown 2 trips to unpack complete with sea bass ( on special - hope its good) and organic strawberry toaster pastries.
I have a funny story about the pastries as a year or so ago I bought them and packed some with Brian on a back country ski, the Guys gave him such a hard time about the (glorified pop tarts). I don't think I've bought them since but today in my post swim shaky haze.... here they are.
and thats it - I am officially done. Anne had scheduled a 15 min swim (to get moving) for me today and on paper it looked - too easy, but 25 mins into my swim I totally hit the wall and grovelled splashing around for 5 more minutes, I was so done that I had the shakes in the shower. Wimpy ( maybe, I'm going to act tough and blame the three races in the past 2 days), plus honestly the past 2 weeks have caught up and its TAPER time. Yahoo.


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