Thursday, October 11, 2007

a little time out

I am wasting a little time waiting for Brian to finish his run. So I've been surfing the net.
I visited . She had linked a NPR program about Marion Jones and drugs in Sport. ( Click on the lsiten button) its about 20 minutes and a really good program.

I am jumping on the bandwagon here as like others I would like to think that most of the Women I MTB and Xterra race with are clean. I look at my competitors and see why they are better than me ( whether its power, technique, speed, efficency). Which means I can relate to their better performance rather than view it in a whole different league.

I would say however that more often than not in my experience if a performance seems too good to be true it usually is. Genevieve Jeanson for example, I am so glad she has come clean, and in the past I remember being amazed at Regina Jacobs running performance (and very saddened by her latter retirement amid Drug scandal), But unfortunately she was a classic case of to good to be true.

If you want to be inspired by real cyclists, check out the Granny Gear 24 hours of Moab racing this weekend. Its going to be a great battle in both the mens and womens solo racing. Jari Kirkland is racing in the womens event along with an Italian Woman. The mens event is a stacked field including Chris Eatough, Nat Ross and Ernesto. The http://www.trekmountain.typepad/ has a nice interview w/ Chris and links to Nat and Ernesto's Blogsites. Ernesto's site is great - this guy does his sport for love! (fairly certain there are no drugs there and seriously if anyone could truly justify them!).

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