Saturday, October 6, 2007

what just happened?

Our friend Nick is in town this weekend so we all headed up to Crested Butte yesterday afternoon for a loop on Upper/Upper upper and Strand Hill. Brian was rocking the Rig for his first time and was raving.
We where riding down the trail when we see Brian on a seemingly smoothish section skidding sideways and stuffing himself into the hillside?! Wow. What just happened?
Nick re-enacts Brians 5 second path to Carnage.

As you can see Bri is up and aok. Phew. But the bike?
It got carried out. Crazy. The tube tire was still full of air in the front. The rear was flat. Weird. Oh well, Nick rode the loop, I rode backwards and got the car, Brian practised his walking in tri shoes and we all had a post ride Bloody Mary anyway. (the Last steep in Crested Butte is renowned for its $5 salad in a glass BM's, being only the 2nd one I've ever tried I can't exactly offer my expert opinion, but I love olives and they came with 3, a piece of celery and a hot pepper.



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