Tuesday, October 2, 2007

USA XTERRA National Championships

I always think you’ve packed well if you wear everything in your bag during the trip. At Lake Tahoe this past weekend I did!

We should have known it would snow! Choosing clothing and equipment became an interesting challenge at 36 degrees, soaking wet, in a hurry and planning on riding up a few thousand feet and around the cold side of the mountain before running 10km at the end.
I went with knee warmers under my wetsuit, pulled on a short sleeved jersey, a pair of woolie boolie socks and called it good. I was lucky I even had wool socks they where packed as an afterthought.

But it all worked out, as did my fitness and I came away with a 2nd Place in the 2007 US NATIONALS XTERRA Championships. This time I saw the front of the race for the first time ever… and I Liked it! It’s fun to lead and will be even more fun to win. Nice and motivating. The media enjoyed it too, it’s exciting to finally get in the Jamie and Melanie mix (between them they have won the past 24 North American championship events).

During this race I had the fastest bike split and 3rd fastest pro run split. My 2nd place moved me from a tie to a final 3rd overall in the US Xterra Series.
Brian had a great race here to crack the top Ten in the international 30 deep men’s field and finish in 8th Place! He put together a strong swim and solid bike and a typical fast run. His US nationals race finished him in 6th overall for the US series.

Next up we have a month of training leading up to the World Championships in Maui, HI on October 28th.

All these pics are courtesy of richcruse 2007.

US Nationals Media:
Race coverage: http://www.xterraplanet.com/races/race.cfm?race_id=537
Inside Tri – Top story
Triathlete magazine article and picture of Jenny running w/ Jamie.

This event will be televised in an hour long CBS special, visit http://www.xterraplanet.com/ for scheduling info.

Thanks to Trek/VW and our sponsors for their ongoing support.

Ha... if you've gotton this far. here's your treat. Stylie Dara... bet the teeth are warm too! You know -the womens field is growing in strength and depth and its good for us all.

Post race we hit the party... it was fun and would have been even more fun if I hadn't have celebrated with Lisa Lieb by drinking in quick succession 2 dirty martinis. What was I thinking... I wasn't thinking. Much to Brian's amusement he found me sleeping in the Condo bathroom! Nice Jenny! How old are you again? well my shoe size is 9.5!

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Tomarra C. Muhlfeld said...

Way to go Jenny and Brian!!!
Sorry I have not been in touch latley... Things are a bit hectic around here... I want to wish you two the very best luck in Maui! Have a great time and kick some ass!!!