Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cross training

In the space of today we have successfully managed to trash our house with discarded gear and clothing from one end to the other.
We got super lucky this weekend with a long running W mountain 5km uphill run this morning and 2 cyclocross races at the Western State College campus this afternoon and tomorrow.
The W run was started by the Western State basketball team in 1952 and has since been taken over by the College ski team as an annual fundraiser. This year 160 people lined up to participate in the event, which starts on a dirt road and runs up the famous (in town) W mountain. Its neat at the top as the view of town is amazing and this is one of the only times each year you are allowed access as the top is a geological dig site. Both Brian and I won the mens and womens and after the race I realised what an honor it was to have our names on Trophy amongst the 50 + year tradition.
Then it was home to (throw clothes all over the place and bring out the cross bikes for some afternoon racing fun. Brian was sporting a brand new trek X2 bike ( it is very sweet and really nice), I had pulled out my faithful cross bike. ( I'd meant to get it tuned up, and working beautifully) but you know what between swimming, biking and running it just hadn't happened so I pumped up the tires put some lube on the chain and measured my seat. Hopefully good to go. The cross races where part of two series which was great as they had a good turnout of people who had traveled to Gunnnison specifically for the racing. The first lap of the womens race was serious carnage - crazy- actually kinda scary as I had a girl crash in front of me, and another girl crash by riding into my back wheel - whoa chill out a bit! During lap 2 I picked my way through and into the front. Whew - where for the sake of being able to control my own lines I wanted to stay. I did. Capping off a good days training. It was really fun - I know why cross is taking off like crazy. Good times. ( the only bit I'm not so keen on is the getting on and off to run over stuff - shame about that small detail).
Brian's cat 1 mens event was was pretty fast and furious, he started in about 10th and then picked guys off to move up to 5th, mid race drizzle made the course slick and he crashed on a concrete pavement but got back up and finished 6th. His bike worked awesome and after the race while showing me his hip from the crash, he saw where he'd scratched the Carbon lever ( sore hip was put aside- oh no ( ha ha, thats the problem I guess with a bling bling bike)

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